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We specialize in producing video for manufacturing businesses because our President owned his own manufacturing company for 35 years. That’s why we are the best choice for manufacturers and machine tool builders for video and social media production. Manufacturers can rely on our marketing services for higher placement in search engines, resulting in more site visitors, clients, and sales.
If you’re a manufacturer selling machine tools and your videos show nothing more than your machinery in action, they don’t tell a customer why they should purchase YOUR equipment! Because we think like a manufacturer, we know the triggers and keywords that will motivate a prospective customer to pick up the phone and contact you. Manufacturers’ videos need to demonstrate how their equipment will raise productivity or lower production costs. This is a huge missed opportunity –  especially if a competitor’s video has not overlooked this information.

But providing this information in a marketing video is just the start. There’s the question of relevance to web searches and where it will appear in search results – on the top page or buried in the back? Machinery dealers are no different than other businesses who want prominent placement and to be on page 1 on search results. The Social Media Marketing Depot, with over 35 years of manufacturing experience, is the best marketing resource for machinery and machine tool manufacturers and dealers. We know machinery and have used most machines ourselves, so we think like a manufacturer – like your target customer.



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