Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Welcome to The Social Media Marketing Depot! If you’re a business owner and are not promoting your business on multiple social media sites, your search engine ranking is not as high as it could be, costing you lost traffic and business. While many firms post on the social sites Facebook and Twitter, do not confuse posting on these two sites as social media marketing, which goes far beyond in these two in breadth and content.

So, let’s start with the definition of what constitutes social media and social media marketing, and why it’s use is so critical for promoting a company and its services.

Social media are works of user-created video, audio, text or multimedia that are published and shared in a social environment, such as a blog, wiki or video hosting site. Social media marketing is the dissemination of keyword-targeted content on media sites throughout the internet.

The best content creates “buzz” that spreads by word-of-mouth by people who share a common interest in its subject matter.

Unlike content on a company’s website, social media marketing strategy is to distribute your videos, blogs, articles, and podcasts on hundreds of social media sites. This strategy is markedly different than SEO (search engine optimization), and arguably far more effective.

Social media marketing also creates multiple backlinks to your main site, and the more media you have out there, the more backlinks exist. This generates link popularity which elevates your main site in search results.

To see a demonstration of  an automated lead attraction technique using social media – a technique that your business can use, click .

Social networking, or social media, is changing the way people communicate, make decisions, form relationships, and do business. Social media has become an integrated part of culture and lifestyle, worldwide. For business, social media presents a variety of advantages and opportunities, such as viral marketing, brand monitoring and customer engagement. For entrepreneurs, the social networking business model opens a world of opportunities. With a lifestyle shift in the way we use media to connect and interact, a new frontier of businesses has emerged based on an ability to provide users with new and creative ways to engage and share interest specific information and media through basic or niche social networking sites.

Many of our competitors may talk the talk, but don’t have the technological means to launch an effective Social Media Marketing campaign. Call or use our contact form to learn how we can implement an effective video and social media