Web Video

Web Video

All our marketing packages include web videos. Actually, we specialize in web video, as it stands out as a prime marketing tool for promoting your business on social media sites. Web video can range from having live talent (even our clients) to still images with voice-overs and music backgrounds. Because we can produce web videos in so many ways, clients can have their message presented in many engaging formats. Our A1WebLeads service makes extensive use of engaging videos to attract viewers and GET MORE LEADS.


Because we can offer our clients so many varieties of videos, we can also tailor the cost to each client’s pocketbook. We can also produce a web video that can be re-purposed for TV advertising, saving our clients thousands of dollars in production costs. Working with Cablevision, our clients can have their social media campaign videos shown on Cablevision as well! How’s that for flexibility?

In addition, studies have shown that videos in search results have a click through rate as much as 41% higher than their plain text counterparts. Most of us know that videos get more attention, but clients often express surprise when discovering how much more attention they command from the average search user.

We also know how to script web videos, and there’s a right AND a wrong way. For example, videos that are informational or instructional rank more highly than those that attempt to promote a sale, so knowing what content to produce is important.