Producing Effective Marketing Videos

Producing Effective Marketing Videos

What are the qualities to look for when choosing a company to produce marketing videos? Most business owners have no idea what it takes to make an effective marketing video, one that has high relevance in search results and also holds viewers’ attention from start to finish. Uninformed business owners often think a good marketing video should have all the qualities worthy of a Hollywood production. With this mindset, they spend more than they should and the video, which may look good visually, isn’t effective in bringing traffic or promoting sales.

Selecting a video production company usually begins with an online search. All the companies that are displayed on the search results page may seem like good choices, with some showing photos of video cameras, video lights, green screens, and various other equipment to give an impression of their capabilities. But all this hardware isn’t an indication that the firm can deliver an effective marketing video.

So, it isn’t surprising that the selection of a video production company can be confusing. Well then, just how should a business owner choose a video company that can provide him/her with effective marketing videos? Business owners wanting to add videos to their websites are often mistaken in thinking that it’s like making a TV ad, but the typical three-minute business video is really nothing like the usual 30 second TV ad, and this can lead them to choose the wrong company.

If the typical uninformed business owner can be excused for not basing his or her selection on the necessary criteria for making effective videos, how would the savvy business owner make this choice?

They would choose a good cinematographer, the person behind the camera. If expense were no object, they might choose Claudio Miranda (Life of PI, Benjamin Button). Of course, they would also want a good video editor, maybe William Goldenberg (Argo) or Michael Kahn (Lincoln). How about a script writer? Well, maybe they would hire Woody Allen (Midnight in Paris) or Wes Anderson (Moonrise Kingdom). Oh, and let’s not forget a good director, maybe Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, or how about Martin Scorsese? Let’s not forget that our knowledgeable business owner would also want a good Internet marketer on the team, someone who knows how to properly tag, bookmark, and distribute the finished video on multiple web and social media sites so that it ranks highly in search engines. So, they would probably want to hire Michael Koenigs (Traffic Geyser), or maybe Brendan Burshard (NY Times best-selling author, Experts Academy), or Mike Dillard (Magnetic Sponsoring, MLM Traffic Formula).

Having access to this A-list of talented people would obviously provide a blockbuster marketing video, but let’s face it, they’re not available. Of course it’s comical to imagine these people making a marketing video for your business, but the skills they are noted for really ARE necessary for making an effective marketing video.

What are those skills again? To make an effective marketing video you need a videographer, video editor, script writer, director, and Internet marketer; and these are the basics. To get really fancy you might want to hire a spokesperson/model, makeup artist, sound mixer, or lighting expert but these are optional.

So now you know what to look for before hiring a video production company. The good news is that you can find small video companies with personnel that combine all these skills. It’s also a good idea to go online to look at some business videos and judge whether or not all the skill sets were put to work in each video. While it may not be evident how well they were marketed, you’ll probably be able to spot some that aren’t effective, because the message isn’t clear or concise, the narration isn’t focused, or worse – the spokesperson looks awkward, lacks confidence, or seems to be reading off a script.

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