Video Marketing What To Say How to Say It

Video Marketing What To Say How to Say It

What should you say in your marketing video? Should you tell your audience about you and your company, as in a TV ad? Should you advertise your product or services in your web video? Actually, no. The purpose of web video is not to advertise; at least not directly. In fact a web video is nothing like a TV ad, because unlike an ad, its purpose should be to educate or illustrate. Often times a business owner setting out to make a marketing video doesn’t know what to talk about, and quite naturally talks about himself, his business and its products, but that’s a mistake. What you want to do in planning your web video is to provide an answer to a problem for which the viewer is seeking a solution. The video should not be about you or your company. The video should offer an informative, practical answer to a question a visitor might enter into a search form. For example in the case of a video done to market a plastic surgeon, a viewer might be searching for a question regarding facial rejuvenation. A video can detail the steps taken in such a procedure and what a viewer can expect when visiting the plastic surgeon for the first time. The video can point out step-by-step the process involved in such surgery so that the viewer is better informed about the overall procedure. It should NOT say “come see us at XYZ plastic surgery because we are the best in the business”. Rather, following the informative video there should be a call to action that doesn’t appear as a hard sell. For example “call XYZ plastic surgery for more information or for a consultation”.

Now that you know what to say in a web video, you need to be able to communicate it in a way that takes advantage of the medium’s power of entertainment, education, and personal appeal that no other medium can match. An important part of this is also being able to speak in a convincing manner.

Videos can make an emotional appeal to the viewer in a way that text simply can’t. Since the object of any marketing endeavor is to generate sales, a video is often the best way to motivate the viewer to buy. Video spokespeople should be able to make emotionally charged presentations that motivate viewers to take action such as picking up the phone and calling.

A polished spokesperson can easily make a video that is compelling. Compared to text, video offers business owners the opportunity to reach out to their prospects in a powerful and irresistible manner. The opportunity to reach out directly to prospects through video gives viewers the information they were seeking in a way similar to person-to-person contact. Through the medium of video, you can make an emotional appeal to viewers to cause them to take action and purchase your product or service.

Videos should contain content that is visually informative. Not only can the viewer see and hear the speaker but they can also see examples of the product or service being offered. Video testimonials are another great way to present the company’s product or service. Using video a company can show the beneficial effects of its product on existing satisfied customers, something that can’t be done in any other medium. In the case of a customer testimonial, the customer should speak in a natural and every day manner.

Marketing videos can be visually informative and create an impression on the viewer’s mind as to the merit of the product and how much it will benefit the viewer when he or she purchases it. It has been said many times that a picture is worth 1000 words and videos can convey information more powerfully and with far fewer words than any narrative.

Video is the medium of choice when a company wants to convey a friendly impression in the mind of the viewer. For this reason companies sometimes turn to professional spokespersons to appear in their videos. Large companies often go this route, but for smaller firms and those offering personal or professional services, a better choice would be for the owner to be spokesperson. A personal appeal made by the business owner in a friendly manner directly to the viewer is an excellent way for personal service firms such as doctors, dentists, attorneys, accountants, and similar businesses to promote their services. Of course, it’s unusual for a business owner to have the polish and camera presence of an accomplished spokesperson, but some practice and rehearsal in front of the camera can burnish the speaker’s style.

Unless a video is purely instructional in its intent, a marketing video should always include a call to action. A company that uses video to market itself should always keep in mind the fact that the purpose of the video is to generate sales. Although that should go without saying, it’s not unusual for an inexperienced business owner/videographer to neglect this all-important step.

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