Your Business Needs Web Videos

Your Business Needs Web Videos

Videos can be found throughout the Internet but for some reason many businesses don’t use web videos as part of their marketing strategy. There’s really no excuse for that because video is the most powerful and effective means of communication that any business can use to market itself to prospective customers. Videos about you and your company are a far more compelling communication strategy than plain text. Instead of your prospects reading words on a page, they can sit back watch and listen to an informative and entertaining message. So, it’s strange that such a small percentage of companies have videos about themselves on the Internet, not only on their websites but also on social media sites like YouTube Facebook. Amazingly even many companies that advertise on television don’t have videos on their websites when people come to visit. That’s especially puzzling since the cost of producing an Internet video is far less than the cost of a 30 second TV commercial.

People who visit company websites that have video content also spend significantly more time than on sites that don’t. Businesses that use with videos on their websites have a significant advantage over their competitors who don’t, because the video is far more engaging and gives more information to a prospective customer. In a typical three-minute video, a viewer can learn about the business, about the business owner (very important for personal service providers like attorneys, doctors, and dentists), and hear directly from the company’s principal about his expertise in the field. Through the medium of video a prospective client gets an impression, often subliminal, that can be a determining factor in his selection of who to do business with to solve his problem.

Videos can also (and should) be tagged with keywords so that the subject of the video is relevant to search engines, much like text articles or blogs. People typically search the web to find an answer to a problem when looking for someone to help them solve it. They key a question or topic into the search box and the search engine returns a list of items that are relevant to the search. Very often a video or videos are included on the first page of search results returned, represented by a small image or graphic. Because of the distinctive graphic representing the video, the viewer’s eye naturally goes to the graphic rather than the text listings. In fact search engines often ascribe higher relevance to video content than text content alone. But that’s only the start of many compelling reasons why every business should utilize videos as a marketing tool and place those videos on its website and on social media sites.

Videos show viewers who you are and they can learn about you and the services your company provides in an entertaining, informative, and engaging manner. A video also gives the business owner the opportunity to provide examples of the work that he’s done in a way that the viewer can relate to his own problem. Hearing from a business owner directly through the medium of video, a prospect can come to regard him as an expert in his field and a person they can trust to help them solve their problem. In short, a web video can engender trust and confidence on the part of the viewer who then feels comfortable in calling that business as the next step in becoming a customer.

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